Freie Bürger für demokratische Werte

Free Citizens for Democratic Values

Free Citizens for Democratic Values

Whoever is alert hears alarm bells ringing: Rampant capitalism has become a power that gobbles up everything. Corruption in economy and politics has become the case “as usual.” Making “deals” with lobbyists has become a part of government.

The majority of people want a different republic. They want a democracy, in which the virtues of the Constitution are taken seriously by politicians:

- in which no party donations are embezzled and no files destroyed
- in which it is not the banks and the nuclear industry that set the economic-political course, but it is the common good that determines politics
- in which it is not the hoteliers that are favored and the receivers of Hartz IV (welfare payments) that are disadvantaged, but in which social justice prevails
- in which a clear separation between state and church exists and the taxpayer does not pay billions for church facilities year after year.

A turn toward the good in state and politics is possible only when each person acts according to the basic principle: “Always practice loyalty and integrity!”

This is what the Free Citizens for Democratic Values espouse


Citizen’s Protest Against Pope’s Visit


“News Aktuell” Discriminates
for Criticizing the Pope

When attorney Dr. Christian Sailer of Marktheidenfeld, Germany placed an order on Dec. 21, 2010 with “” (current news) – a firm in the German Press Agency group – to distribute a press release (fee required) critical of the pope, this was rejected somewhat later due to “special circumstances.” The query as to what the “special circumstances” consist of in the present case remains unanswered until now. Dr. Sailer now asks himself: “Is newsaktuell possibly financed by the Church? Or is the firm afraid of pressure from the Church?” The attorney, who has been practicing law for 45 years and carried out many sensational lawsuits, while always maintaining good contact with the press, has never before experienced anything like this. The rejected press release reads as follows:

Citizen’s Protest Against Pope’s Visit

The first voices from politics and society are being raised, pointing out that it is a politically and unconstitutionally wrong decision to allow the pope to speak in the German Parliament. Politicians who are adherents of the Church want to justify this by saying that the pope is a “head of state.” Dr. Christian Sailer has now, as “jurist, citizen and free Christian,” as he says, summarized in a letter to the President of Germany the reasons against a state visit by Benedict and a papal speech before the German Parliament. The letter can be read under The most important points in the letter are as follows:
- 70 % of the inhabitants of our country have nothing to do with the Catholic Church.
- The position of the pope as head of state is highly questionable. Originally the pope’s state stemmed from the “Donation of Constantine,” which later turned out to be a forgery. Under Napoleon it found its preliminary, and under King Emanuel I, its definitive, end. It was resurrected again by Benito Mussolini, who in the Lateran Accords again awarded a state character to the Vatican.
- The constitution of the Vatican State is the constitution of a one-man-dictatorship. In Art.1 it says: “As head of the Vatican State, the pope has full legislative, executive and judicial authority.” And in the Preamble, it says that the purpose of the Vatican State is to create external independence for the pope for his world mission. The whole state merely exists as a vehicle for the head of the Church, to make it possible for him to appear in the world as a head of state.
- Anyone who invites the pope as head of state is inviting the head of the Church. The pope’s self-designation as the “Representative of Christ” therefore becomes a political issue – just as much as his ecclesiastical, coercive system and the bloody history of the Church, which reaches into the most recent past.
- An organization that acquires its members as infants through compulsive baptism and keeps them in line with the threat of the eternal punishment of hell is violating the dignity of man.

Mr. Sailer literally writes to the German President: “May I ask you how you want to answer for giving the pope the opportunity to advertize his church regime in the German Parliament; a regime that, in Germany and worldwide, has thousands of child abusers in its ranks and has systematically hushed up their crimes, also under the considerable participation of the present pope; a regime that ostracizes and discriminates against religious minorities in Germany through so-called sect commissioners, which the American Secretary of State expressly reproved in her most recent annual report on religious freedom; and a regime that maintains 3000 professional “exorcists,” thus transporting the Middle Ages into the 21st century?”

Freie Bürger für demokratische Werte
Sprecher: Matthias Holzbauer
Max-Braun-Straße 2
97828 Marktheidenfeld